about me

I am a mother, artist, dancer, yogini and healing facilitator. I have been a practitioner of yoga, meditation and creative movement for over 20 years. I have a deep curiosity and love of exploring our form as well as our formlessness. I believe that touch and intimacy are basic human needs and that truly connecting with another human being reawakens our spirits in a new way. Connection and intimacy are vehicles for taking down the walls around us which then leaves us free to build harmonious relationships with ourselves and our world.

I am here to support the unfolding of your authentic expression and awakening. By remembering how to practice and embody self-love, you are opening the door to receive the gifts of health, connection and abundance. This is your birthright.

I want to help you feel more present and connected in your body. I want to help you unravel the patterns that do not serve your highest good such as, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma and the disconnect you feel in your life. I want to give you permission to receive the gifts of health and well being.  I will offer you an authentic, nourishing, heart centered space that will allow you to explore and create a deeper relationship with yourself.

It is my intention to co-create this healing space with you so that you can feel empowered and connected to your body’s innate healing wisdom. We will explore together your physical body, energy body, mind, heart and breath.

My combined experience in yoga, dance, meditation and various somatic and energetic studies has taught me to be keenly aware of the present moment and to act creatively and intuitively from a place of deep silence and sensitivity.

I am deeply honored to share this work with you. The song of your body is sacred and to care deeply for your body is an act of humility.

Clients that have worked with me feel seen and heard in their own authentic expression. I will work energetically, somatically or a combination of both. I will blend various modalities for added support during your session. I will also offer you complementary lifestyle, movement and energetic recommendations to help your system fully integrate the work for lasting results.

Welcome yourself home to your body and to living a more deeply embodied life.