about me

I am a mother, artist, dancer, yogini, teacher and lover of this beautiful life. I have been a practitioner of yoga, meditation, energy medicine, astrology and creative movement for over 25 years. I have a deep curiosity and love of exploring consciousness through our form and formlessness. My background includes various energetic, touch and movement modalities. I have studied and continue to participate in a wide range of embodied explorations that include awakening, meditation, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, BodyMind Centering, Continuum, Tai Chi and many years of Ecstatic Dance. My background has also been enriched with studies in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy at Tree of Life Center. This comprehensive modality understands the body as consciousness and is a fundamental support in the trauma work that I do. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and have completed a program in Quantum Energy Medicine. Currently, I am studying at the Brooke Institute to further deepen my specialization in awakening and embodiment. I feel so honored to work with clients and families that are working through CPTSD, birth trauma, adoption and early attachment imprints.

The journey of embodiment is difficult to translate in words as it is not a 'doing' experience. It is best discovered through a direct, cellular experience of Being, which is always occurring Now. Deeply knowing and understanding the essence of the One Being that we all share allows a deep relaxation in the body-mind continuum. Understanding the Truth that you are brings forth effortless healing and harmony. This is the love and freedom that we are. There wasn’t ever anything “wrong”.

I would love to be present with you as a support in your recognition of the essence of your True Nature. The process invites us to open up to each now moment, and to be willing to investigate ourselves with sincerity.

It is my intention to meet you exactly where you are. I will offer embodied presence and support for your experiential discovery. You are invited to explore any aspect of your Being, body or world. I will deeply honor and attune to the innate wisdom and essence that you are.

Being fully present for yourself and finding the courage to open up to new possibilities allows space for a deep recognition of the Awareness that you are. As this realization deepens through embodiment of this fundamental consciousness; Life unfolds effortlessly with Grace. Allow yourself to remember the Wholeness that you are!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome HOME~