"Your entire life has unfolded for your heart's Ascension to Love."
— Bryant Mcgill

"Whenever I have a session with Mary, I leave feeling cared for, rested, and whole. It helps me remember how important it is to ask for help and to take the time to slow down and receive it. I always end up in a much better place to do all the things I do in the world and to do them from the slower and more sparkly space that is my restored Being-ness."

Julia Corley, Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Hakomi Teacher

"As a yoga teacher, I am very interested in how the body expresses our inner condition. Mary has a remarkable understanding of the subtle energies of the body. She has helped me release trauma in my back and shoulders that I have been carrying around for many years. Mary is clearly here to help facilitate healing in others. I have referred her to friends and yoga students and would recommend her to anyone interested in finding more ease and well being in themselves."

— B.W.

Somatic Therapy with Mary has truly opened a door for me. It has been the missing link in my healing and awakening journey.

— T.

"Mary is rather amazing.  Her somatic work is highly intuitive, deep and impactful as she masterfully interweaves it to create shifts for space to naturally open up within.  If you are looking for bodywork, she's awesome!  If you're looking for energy work, look no farther as she is truly a jewel."

—Suzy R.B.

"As a physician and a patient with inflammatory arthritis, I know that traditional medicine only goes so far. Mary's healing touch is an integral part of my well-being. She is skilled beyond compare, but her warmth, kindness, empathy and nurturing are just as important. I am so thankful for Mary!"

— O. Cohen, M.D.

"Reiki class with Mary has taught me to be present for my pain; to move beyond a body awareness dominated by emotion; to experience connectedness and peaceful, vibrant energy.  She creates a space and gathering with a sense of intention, trust, and sacred wisdom that you can take with you, and know that you're not alone on your journey of awakening."

— Christina A.

"I can’t possibly say enough good things about the wonderful work Mary does. Her extensive knowledge of the body, combined with the calm and healing energy she brings to each session, makes for an exceptional experience. The benefits linger from one remarkable session to the next. Mary is extraordinary."

— P.C.

"I had the pleasure of taking prenatal, postnatal, and mindfulness yoga classes with Mary. I have also received bodywork and cupping from her skilled hands. Mary's work was transformative for me during a really critical juncture in my life. My prenatal yoga practice helped me to find great peace and strength during my pregnancy and was critical in helping me prepare for what ended up being a beautiful birth experience. I really appreciate how Mary blends physical technique with mindful presence in all her work."

— MC Lingold

"Attending prenatal and postnatal classes not only helped me stay connected with my mind and body, it connected me with a community of new moms and their incredible kiddos.  I am forever grateful for the confidence Mary inspired in me as I prepared for labor.  Despite the support of my midwife, doula, and husband, it was Mary's calming voice, reminding me to check in with my breathing and reassuring me that I can do anything for one minute, that helped me stay centered and focused during labor.  Though we have aged out of postnatal yoga, my kiddo and I step outside each morning, breathe the fresh air, and set an intention for the day.  We then recite the calming words that Mary ended each class with, 'kind thoughts, kind speech, be kind to yourself.'"

— J. Darby