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Presence HEALS


Silence is the underlying force that unites us. Silence exposes our weaknesses and shows us who we really are. Silence is intimate. In silence, there is no hiding behind the veil of words or the distraction of sounds. There is only the truth or awareness of your Being.

Yoga is a process of continually discovering our own unique truth. The word yoga means literally “yoke” or union. Yoga is a science that combines the holistic perspective of weaving together the connection between the body, mind, heart and spirit with the breath serving as the connection or bridge between them.

Our bodies recognize Truth. We feel it as a
sense of expansion, deep abiding peace, love and rightness.  When we are in the presence of Truth, our bodies can fully relax and our hearts can freely open.

As we learn to open and receive nourishment from the ground, inspiration from the sky and connection in our heart and soul; our yoga practice transforms from something that we do to that which we are.

In my classes, we will cultivate curiosity and deep listening.  We will explore together asana, pranayama, meditation, and restorative rest.

We are multi-sensory, multi-dimensional Beings.
We are form. We are formless.  We are simple and we are profound.  Come and explore this dance and learn to navigate more fluidly as we move from within and without.  Come into resonance with deep silence, your innate Being and presence on your yoga mat.  Let this practice come alive in your body and world.


Hillsborough Yoga


somatic therapy & energy healing

Each person represents a unique moment in creation, a unique reflection of the infinite Self.  In an evolutionary approach to healing, the journey of one’s life is sacred and the healing process is a reflection of the Soul’s evolution with a deep respect for the depth of the human condition.

The essence of somatic therapy is facilitation of the experience that it is safe to be feeling, safe to be present, and safe be fully alive in one’s body.  When an energetic or physical block is present, there is an inability to have and express feelings, inability in movement, and limited conscious awareness and embodiment.  Release of such blocks may involve conscious movement, conscious touch, or consciously processing and releasing fears, past issues and trauma.

There are times in life when we inadequately process our experiences and self expression.  These may be moments when the personality is overwhelmed by trauma (for example an accident or loss of a loved one), or periods of time when expression and integration are threatened by outside circumstances (for example, childhood abuse or rape), or incidents of fear that the ego is unwilling to confront (for example, a near death experience).  These events can put into motion unconscious patterns that have a powerful effect on the body, sending confused, contradictory impulses throughout the system and into the musculature often lodging as tension, resistance, depression, anxiety,  pain and many other symptoms.  These blocks keep the body from resonating in harmony with its source of aliveness and life force energy. 

The goal of body-centered therapy is to support and witness the unfolding and release of these patterns with non-judgment and loving awareness so that it is safe to experience and be with feelings and /or events as they arise in the present moment. Trauma can then be cleared from the cellular memory of the body so that freedom, ease, balance, pleasure and health can return.

We may not be able to determine or control the events that occur in our lives, but we can choose how to be with them and ourselves.  Being fully present is a potent healing force.  The body is a body of intelligence.  The body is a being.  Every cell of our body is sentient and feeling and will respond if we feel and listen deeply with care.  Consciousness is infinitely creative by nature and the body is infinitely wise and will respond to intention, attention and love and understanding.

With so much care, I lovingly offer this work to you.

“When the human body for this planet was designed, Reiki was incorporated into the genetic coding as a birthright of all people.  Reiki is a part of every one of us. It is a universal energy and was never meant to be lost.” — Diane Stein 

Reiki is the energy of living. The gift of Reiki is a simple path to experiencing our lives as meaningful and sacred. Reiki is a gentle energy healing system that uses the universal life force energy which is ever present in all living things.  Reiki can bring healing by harmonizing, balancing and clearing the body’s energetic system.  Reiki is non-invasive and very gentle, making it a treatment that can be received by anyone in any condition in person or at any distance.

What can Reiki help with? 

Reiki is supportive for reducing pain, during cancer and minimizing side effects of treatment, fibromyalgia, post- op recovery, PMS, menopause, pregnancy support, insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraines, emotional balancing, chakra balancing, deep rest and spiritual growth, just to name a few! 

The Reiki Principles: 

  • Just for today, I will let go of anger. 
  • Just for today, I will let go of worry. 
  • Today, I will accept and give thanks for my many blessing. 
  • Today,  I will honestly do my work. 
  • Today, I will be kind to every living creature.

Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy can help you dissolve the deepest roots of stress in your body’s system so that you can experience freedom, joy and more fluid and efficient ways of being in the world. A Polarity Practitioner will listen deeply, facilitate a caring space and witness as you release and shift unhealthy patterns held in the body through awareness, acceptance and a loving shift in consciousness.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy offers a profound body-mind-spiritual paradigm with a deep understanding of energy, Nature and the healing process .The underlying intention is to support the client’s awareness, self-responsibility and self-healing intelligence. Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system that works with the human energy field. 

Life is energy. As human beings, we embody the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether. We also exist in duality or polarity which arises out of an underlying unity. Balance between these poles creates a feeling of well being, radiant health, love, connection and gratitude.

Polarity Therapy understands the body as consciousness and works with the whole person as an evolving spiritual being. The ways in which we integrate and express life are embedded within the vital fields of our bodies and the energy patterns of our lifestyles. All of our emotions are registered through corresponding states of body tension. Each thought and emotion is a subjective state of openness or resistance that sends messages of relaxation or tension to our body. 

Polarity Therapy works with the wireless anatomy of the energy fields that animate the body.  When energy is blocked, unbalanced or fixed, pain, tension and dis-ease can arise.  Polarity Therapy seeks to resolve these blockages and to free unhealthy patterns in order to maintain the energy field in an open, fluid state and to bring the body back into harmony with the Soul, nature and the universe. Balance and health are said to be present when our inter — relationship between the Self and the environment is harmonious. 

Polarity practitioners work within a dynamic system that includes an exploration of the client’s relationship to food, movement, breath, thoughts/attitude, sound and bodywork through loving touch, deep presence, non-judgment and caring intention. The intention is to support and witness the innate healing intelligence of each client's unique system. 

Polarity therapy when combined with therapeutic massage can allow the client to drop into a deeper level of relaxation.  This work is deeply somatic in that underlying physical, emotional and traumatic patterns can surface safely and resolve. This occurs on a cellular level and affects all layers of the system.

What is a Polarity session like?

In a Polarity Therapy session, various contacts are used to stimulate, maintain and balance the body’s electromagnetic fields. The practitioner may also support and aid the client as they process feelings and emotional content as it arises. The practitioner will work with the client in developing strategies for reducing stress and teach them how to integrate energetic holds and exercises into their life.

Somatic Bodywork


A Somatic approach to bodywork involves a deep inquiry into body, feeling, emotion, sensation, and organic movement. The conscious touch, sound, breath or movement serves as an invitation to tenderly and lovingly gain access into and beyond the habitual patterns and responses that we hold and to shift into the place of choice, infinite possibility and the creative expressions of our evolving Self. As we learn how to feel and sense our natural inner state of deep presence, we then become able to perceive the health that we are naturally oriented to and that is always present. This discovery brings the understanding that the body is self-healing, self-regulating, and self-integrating. Our way of being in the world then becomes less about survival or performance and more and more about trust, nourishment and pleasure. This return to pleasure reconnects us to our fluid nature and the natural flow in our lives both within and without.

A somatic bodywork session is organic, intuitive, nourishing and deeply therapeutic. The body is encouraged to experience sensation, energy and different patterns of breath and movement. As we become conscious and curious, we begin to notice how deeply these patterns effect the entire structure and anatomy of the whole of our life. Gentle and loving shifts in awareness bring powerful and lasting change as we become oriented new ways.



  • 60 min $90
  • 75 min $105
  • 90 min $120
  • 120 min $160
  • If you are interested in package deals, contact me

May we co-create from an awakened heart, and may those creations awaken, heal and uplift ourselves, our communities and the planet.