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multi-dimensional Awakening


Yoga is a process of continually discovering our own unique truth. The word yoga means literally “yoke” or union. Yoga is a science that combines the holistic perspective of weaving together the connection between the body, mind, heart and spirit with the breath serving as the connection or bridge between them.

Our bodies recognize Truth. We feel it as a
sense of expansion, deep abiding peace, love and rightness.  When we are in the presence of Truth, our bodies can fully relax and our hearts can freely open.
As we remember to open and receive nourishment from the ground, inspiration from the sky and connection in our heart and soul; our yoga practice transforms from something that we do to that which we are.

We are multi-sensory, multi-dimensional Beings.
We are form. We are formless.  We are simple and we are profound.  Come and explore this dance and learn to navigate more fluidly as we move from within and without.  Come into resonance with  silence, your innate Being and presence on your yoga mat.  Allow this practice come alive in your body and world.


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somatic therapy & quantum energy medicine

We are in the midst of a massive, planetary shift. I am here to support you in remembering what you truly are so that your sovereign, authentic expression can blossom and flourish in ways that you never imagined possible!

Every sensation, every feeling, every subtle, nuanced expression is the exquisite, intelligent life force moving through your system. Your job is to listen to this wisdom. As you move out of resistance and more deeply into a state of surrender; your system will become coherent and naturally harmonize.

All healing is Self healing.  Your heart is the doorway. The path is deep surrender and letting go.

We will work together energetically and somatically in a multi-dimensional way to reprogram and clear energies that do not serve your highest good.


MENTAL BODY: reframing old survival beliefs and programs, opening to a new perspective, waking up from all concepts and identities that you "think" you are.

EMOTIONAL BODY: expressing/releasing/containing suppressed emotions, allowing vulnerability and flow to restore the emotional or astral fields. waking up from all identification with emotions, remembering that this energy just needs to move and what you feel is not who or what you are.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: completion of survival responses- fight/flight/freeze/fawn. allowing safety, ground and resource to become the container in which all of these responses can discharge.

SOMATIC: resolution through the sensations and discharge in the body. remembering and resolving body/implicit memories.

RELATIONAL: energetically stabilizing the relational field as safe and secure. restoring the social nervous system to safe, embodied, secure attachment, allowing the dance of relationship to move with ease.

IDENTITY: comforting and soothing younger versions and parts of ourselves and letting them know they are safe and all is well.

As you come into coherence and resolve the trauma within your system, all contracts, oaths and vows that have held your energy in a loop will no longer serve you. Naturally, these will fall away as you shift in frequency. This is how multi-dimensional healing looks!

Learn how to decode the origins of conflict, shock, trauma, limiting core beliefs, and ancestral wounds so that you can uncover the psychic roots of your symptoms.

Your body is your entire biography. It holds the keys to health, abundance, love, peace, sovereignty, liberation, freedom and more! These gifts have always been here. YOU are the light of awareness. This present moment is always owned by YOU. Through curiosity and wonderment, you have the capacity to discover a greater depth of who you truly are, what you are gloriously capable of and the inherent beauty that lies not just within YOU, but within Nature and LIFE itself. This is grace breathing YOU.

Allow yourself to come home and remember your Essence. This is your birthright. The magic is here now. It aways has been.

With so much care, I lovingly offer this work to you.

“When the human body for this planet was designed, Reiki was incorporated into the genetic coding as a birthright of all people.  Reiki is a part of every one of us. It is a universal energy and was never meant to be lost.” — Diane Stein 

Reiki is the energy of Life. The gift of Reiki is a simple path to experiencing our lives as meaningful and sacred. Reiki is a gentle energy healing system that uses the universal life force energy which is ever present in all things.  


Reiki can assist healing by offering an attunement to the body and system which allows the innate healing wisdom of the body to be deeply supported. The body's innate intelligence is naturally harmonizing and balancing.  Reiki is non-invasive and very gentle, making it a treatment that can be received by anyone in any condition in person or at any distance.


I am honored to offer all levels of Reiki attunements and to initiate you into this beautiful, healing modality! If you feel called to hold the mantle of Reiki Master Teacher; I would be deeply honored to open this sacred door for you.

With all my Love~~~

The Reiki Principles: 

  • Just for today, I will let go of anger. 
  • Just for today, I will let go of worry. 
  • Today, I will accept and give thanks for my many blessing. 
  • Today,  I will honestly do my work. 
  • Today, I will be kind to every living creature.

Polarity Therapy &
Evolutionary Astrology


Polarity Therapy & Evolutionary Astrology understand the body as consciousness.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy offers a profound body-mind-spiritual paradigm with a deep understanding of energy, Nature and the healing process . Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system that works with the human energy field. Polarity Therapy understands the body as consciousness.

Life is energy. As human beings, we embody the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether. We also exist in duality or polarity which arises out of an underlying unity. As we move into higher states of consciousness, our body is naturally processing the density that it holds. As we transform the density, our form can then hold more and more light!  

Polarity Therapy honors the innate and sacred wisdom of the body.

This work is deeply somatic in that underlying physical, emotional and traumatic patterns can surface safely and resolve. This occurs on a cellular level and affects all layers of the system.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology deeply honors the journey of the soul and the depth of the human condition. These beautiful archetypal patterns of resonance are found in the cosmos and in the body/mind complex. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool to help you become of aware of this entire structure. Awareness offers an opportunity to shift our identification and to move into our primary nature which is Being.

As we explore your chart, we will also examine how you embody these patterns in your life and all of your relational dynamics. Looking at the nodal axis offers insight as to what your soul is choosing to transform in this lifetime and what gifts and skills that you came in with. An exploration of other symbols in the chart can also add support by offering ways to emotionally, mentally and physically harmonize yourself through these deep transitions.

Somatic Bodywork


A Somatic approach to bodywork involves a deep inquiry into body, feeling, emotion, sensation, and organic movement. The conscious touch, sound, breath or movement serves as an invitation to tenderly and lovingly gain access into and beyond the habitual patterns and responses that we hold and to shift into the place of choice, infinite possibility and the creative expressions of our evolving Self. As we learn how to feel and sense our natural inner state of deep presence, we then become able to perceive the health that we are naturally oriented to and that is always present. This discovery brings the understanding that the body is self-healing, self-regulating, and self-integrating. Our way of being in the world then becomes less about survival or performance and more and more about trust, nourishment and pleasure. This return to pleasure reconnects us to our fluid nature and the natural flow in our lives both within and without.

A somatic bodywork session is organic, intuitive, nourishing and deeply therapeutic. The body is encouraged to experience sensation, energy and different patterns of breath and movement. As we become conscious and curious, we begin to notice how deeply these patterns effect the entire structure and anatomy of the whole of our life. Gentle and loving shifts in awareness bring powerful and lasting change as we become oriented new ways.


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  • 120 min $190
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May we create from an Awakened Presence. May those creations awaken, heal and uplift ourselves, our communities and the planet.